Tutorial "Building Semantic Sensor Webs and Applications" at ESWC 2011

Tutorial at the 8th Extended Semantic Web Conference ESWC 2011, Sunday 29th May, Heraklion, Greece.

The term Semantic Sensor Web has recently been used to refer to the combination of sensor network, Web and semantic technologies with the view of addressing the opportunity that we have to unify the real and the virtual world. Sensor networks promise to bridge the gap that, for too long, has separated computing applications from the physical world that they model and in which they are ultimately embedded.

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Urban Flood workshop

As part of the continuing user interaction programme, the work package 7 team has organised a workshop in collaboration with another FP7 project, Urban Flood. www.urbanflood.eu. Around 60 Participants from across Europe participated in a two day talk programme on "Monitoring and Flood Safety" comprising four themes:

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Emu Limited at the DEFRA Flood and Coastal Management Coference in July 2009

Emu Limited booked a stall at the DEFRA (Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Flood and Coastal Management Conference in July 2009. This was a key opportunity to disseminate about SemsorGrid4Env, and more specifically the flood use case. Attendees at this conference are professionals such as local authority coastal engineers and environmental consultants.

Emu Limited in contact with more potential users

During the process of applying for the licences to deploy the sensors (as part of deliverable 7.2), Emu Limited has been in contact with more potential end-users. We have been explaining the nature of the project to the stakeholders, who will be able to make use of the data collected and the outcomes of the project.



Workshop held at the University of Southampton

Interaction with end users has been an integral part of the flood application's development since its inception. At each stage, professionals in the flooding and emergency response sectors have been approached to provide feedback and input into the evolution of the working demonstrator application.

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SOTON held meetings with diferent organizations

SOTON held meetings with each of the following short-list of user partners: the Environment Agency of England and Wales, the Channel Coastal Observatory, the Solent Forum, Associated British Ports (Southampton) and the Queen's Harbour Master (Portsmouth).

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NKUA visited the ISARS/NOA in January 2009

NKUA visited the Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing at the National Observatory of Athens (ISARS/NOA http://www.space.noa.gr/isars/) in January 2009 and talked about the work in SemsorGrid4Env. ISARS (is the National Contact point for Greece in GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) and does a lot of work with government authorities with respect to forest fire monitoring in Greece. We presented the ideas of SemsorGrid4Env to this group and are planning very close collaboration for joint diploma and MSc theses, submission of proposals to national calls etc.
SemSorGrid4Env - Semantic Sensor Grids for Rapid Application Development for Environmental Management
SemSorGrid4Env is a joint project of seven European partners co-funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme
under DG INFSO H.4 "ICT for Sustainable Growth", starting in September 2008 with a duration of three years.