Flood and Surge Management

This application demonstrates a coastal storm scenario combining real-time data via the Channel Coastal Observatory (CCO), real-time modeled outputs and a range of baseline (historical) data sets. The challenge is to capture these inputs in a simple but representative demonstration of a system capability, and link them to a set of realistic specific action that reflect key questions asked and decisions made by coastal flood managers or emergency response specialists under such event characteristics.


The emergency element of this application implies that very rapid applications building and operations is required, while the coastal hazard scenario demands very varied environmental and socio-economic data requirements including real-time data inputs from oofshore sensors in the East Solean region.

Application stakeholders and end users

End users of this application are regarded as any professionals in the flood management or emergency response field who might use the tool in their work - whether or not they have had any prior contact with the project. The project aims to meet their needs, but is doing so by making assumptions about these requirements. The stakeholders are those who have contributed to the project, no matter in how small a way. It is hoped that their needs will be central to the application design as it emerges.

The roles taken by stakeholders could be varied in type and commitment - all are equally welcome. Some of those roles have been predetermined by the project, but others will develop as the stakeholders themselves establish their influence on the project. Possibilities include:

  • Attending discussions or workshops to specify user requirements in terms of function and data.
  • Reviewing work in progress to assess its end-user suitability and suggest modifications of content or approach.
  • Testing application tools and outputs in contingency exercises of simulated emergency situations to provide quality control.

Professional flood and emergency planners and managers are warmly invited to make contact with us, either for further information or to consider playing a role as a project stakeholder.

For further information, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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